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Bulified Gemini Covenant Mixtape
May 11, 2015 04:18 AM PDT
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Bulified Gemini Covenant Mixtape
1. Thulane da Producer-Fade (Original mix)
2. Fred Everything, Shur-i-kan- Common Ground (Dub)
3. C-major (SA)-Funny Faces (Main Mix)
4.Anne Brune- The light from the one (Kifano Remix)
5. Blue & K-white-Now that I have you (Zulus @ Work Epic Mix)
6. Cuebur, Rona Rey-Keep Me (Original Mix)
7. Timmy Regisford- Thinking about you
8. Ta-Ice, infected soul-reminisce (Original mix)
9. Benny t- Talking to the drums (Main Mix)
10. julien jabre- war (Emoboyz Tribute Mix)
11. Da capo,cuebur-Sabir (Main Mix)
12. Dj Phoenix-Splinter in your mind (Bulified 20Thrivin Remix)

Bulified April Arian Mixtape
April 18, 2015 02:29 PM PDT
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Bulified Arian April mixtape
1. be My love (Honeycomb Vocal mix)-Tracy Brathwaite
2. La engishoda khona (Betasweet Teabag Perc Dub Mix)--Betasweet, Thukie Lavo
3. Now that i have you (Lele X's Synth mix)- Blue & K-white
4. Season of change- Chymamusique
5. Summer Love--Kifano
6. Most Precious Love (franck Roger remix)-Blaze,UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker
7. Y.O.U.D---culoe de song
8. Play you My guitar (Dub version)--rancido, kems
9. Slave Song (stephen Rigmaiden remix)--mushroom boyz
10. Deep Musique (Original Mix)---Pastaboys, Osunlade
11. Buloh--The grind.

Bulified March Deepish Mixtape
March 19, 2015 12:42 AM PDT
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1. C major (SA) ft faye wonder - Running away (Main Mix)
2. Claude Monnet - I would fall (Sebb Aston dub mix)
3. Cuebur ft Thandi Daai - Butterflies
4. Rancido ft Kems-Play you my guitar (Dub Version)
5. 2. Claude Monnet-I would fall (Citizen Kain mix)
6. lele x,posh,Dana Byrd, Tantra zawaadi- Lies (D-Malice Spoken Deep Expression)
7. Kquesol ft Shatti-My coffee(Remastered)
8. African Rebels ft Veja Vee Khali-Dikos (mix 2)
9. Arnaud D, Thandi Draai, Phumlani-Bekezela (Original Mix)
10. Rabs Vhafuwi & Mizz - count your blessings (main mix)
11. Kifano - Liquidation 7
12. Buloh- 20Fit-in

Bulified December Deep sessions
December 15, 2014 07:11 AM PST
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Bulified December Deep Sessions

1. 60 Hertz Project--------It's a journey (Justin Imperiale Remix).

2. Atjazz & Julian Gomes ft Bucie---Out of my life.

3. Rancido ft Ladybird-------Travelling Soul (Andy Crompton's Rural Soul mix).

4. Roque------Voices of the crowd (Classic mix).

5. C Major SA---Music is the people.

6. Da Capo ft Bjorn Mandry-----Visualise.

7. Jamie Anderson & Owain K--Do You Know (Deep Space Mix).

8. Nastee Nev ft Robert Owens---One With the dance (0808 Sweetsoul main mix).

9. Addicted soul & Lee-Ann King---Away (Those boys remix).

10. Andy compton, kafele bandele & Sofia Loren Coffee---I don't wanna see the sun (The Rurals Remix).

bulified mixtape 1 2014
March 17, 2014 01:41 AM PDT
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1. Vincent kwok----Afrique (Julias Papp Re-edit)

2. Nick Curly--- multiply

3. Brazo wa afrika-----solace in jazz

4. Dj Fresh vs Chymamusique---- life of Congo

5. Culoe de song------no contest (Original mix)

6. Oscar P, Swift - The Drum (Echo Deep BDBM Deep Capfine Mix)

7. Sobz, SoulPoizen, Goo J. Poet - God's Peace (Soule Villain's Insomniatronic Mix)

8. Rocco-Le Miroir Aux Oiseaux

9. Nikola Gala-------Gossip

10. Dj Oats--------Kam Selele (Renato Xtrova instrumental)

11. Gregor salto ft Miguel O'syrah----023 (original mix)

12. Dj Phoenix----Splinter in your mind (Bulified 20Thrivin Remix)

Bulified Deep Session Mixtape
September 12, 2013 11:53 AM PDT
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Bulified Deep Session Mixtape Tracklisting:

1. Buloh----------------------------Sentiments.

2. Black Coffee ft Thiwe------------My Dream.

3. Paso Doble ft Andyboi------------Africa My Africa (Dj Alpha Kazual Remix).

4. Dj Fudge-------------------------Asikolo (Hallex M & Loic L Remix)

5. Black Coffee ft Ubuntu Tribe-----Bayekeleni.

6. Cultivated Soul------------------Xhosa Tribe.

7. Black Motion---------------------Back To Africa.

8. Cultivated Soul------------------Peace of Mind.

9. Culoe Da Song--------------------Stig Boardermann.

10. Upz & Black Motion--------------Afrika Wo-man (Bulified 20Thrivin remix).

11. Buloh---------------------------20Thrivin

Bulified Human Rights mixtape (Thatoo's tribute mix)
March 25, 2013 12:04 AM PDT
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This is a mixtape done on S.A's human rights day and pays tribute to my dearest friend thatoo who passed away this year......RIP my nyika

Bulified Human Rights Mixtape (Thatoo's Tribute) tracklisting:

1. Soul Meditation (Deeper Mix)----Mindlo & Essential-i ft Pontsho

2. Still in my heart(Original Mix)--Fiso Da Costa ft Mo The Voice

3. The power (N'dinga Gaba mix)-----Distant People ft Tasita D'mour

4. Fluto (Original mix)-------------Africanism

5. Black Thanks (Original Mix)------Nick Holder

6. Eureka soul (Main Mix)-----------Problem Child

7. Inner Sector (Original Mix)------Nikola Gala

8. The End (Rizardo Re-Rub)--------Franky Rizardo ft Tess Leah

9. The Documentary------------------Black Motion

10. Africa My Africa (Stephen Rigmaiden Mix)--Paso Doble Feat Andyboi

11. Freedom Music (Manoo Tribal Mix)--Irfan Rainy & Baba Israel

12. Kubo (Soulpoizen herbs&soul feel)------------Sobz

13. Humm(Original Mix)---------------Dj Mbuso, Abicah Soul, Nancy G

14. Move Your Body (Dj Whisky Perspective Mix)------Gordheaven & Juliano Feat. Caysoul Muziq -

Bulified 20self mixtape mixed by Buloh
September 25, 2012 04:58 AM PDT
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this is a mixtape with bangin tracks guaranteed to make you dance

Bulified S.A. meets the World mixtape by Buloh
October 17, 2011 02:28 AM PDT
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Long awaited mixtape is up. have a listen n u guaranteed an eargasm LOL
Here is the tracklist:

1. Franky Rizardo------------------caracoles
2. Da capo ft lyrik shoxen--------be mine (instrumental)
3. Aero Manyelo ft Phumy-------I’m losing my mind (Cuebur remix)
4. Sundae ft Nomhle--------------Xhosa tribe (Blaq soul remix)
5. Shimza and Cuebur------------Ngibize Ngegama
6. Da Capo--------------------------Something in mind
7. Gordheaven ft Morobi--------Khuzeka (Dj Harris remix)
8. Osunlade-------------------------Envision (Yoruba Soul remix)
9. Deepsoul duo-------------------Fellowship (original mix)
10. Distant People ft Chappell---Blow You Away (original mix)
11. Bingo Player---------------------Cry (just a little)
12. Spirit Chasers--------------------These Tears (Atjazz vocal remix)

antoine clamaran-why we love house (njapenese deep vocal mix)
November 12, 2010 04:00 PM PST
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another track jst completed

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